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 Actionable Feedback 

Dr. Brennon Sapp, Principal of Scott High
School in Taylor Mill, KY, discusses how
he used student feedback from the
YouthTruth survey to build relationships
and shift the culture of his school.
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Over a quarter
of a million
students surveyed.

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Student perceptions are linked to academic outcomes, so it’s smart to know what your students are experiencing in your schools and classrooms.

Use YouthTruth to integrate what your students really think into your instructional and leadership decisions.

We provide useful data and insight for all educators.

Designed for

Superintendents. Principals.  Teachers.

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Why YouthTruth?

Excellent Content.

We have valid, reliable survey questions on the topics that matter most.

  • Student Engagement 
  • Relationships with Teachers
  • Academic Rigor
  • School Culture

Flexible Process.

We can customize to meet your needs and timing. Gather your students’ perceptions on:

  • Overall School Experience
  • Feedback for Individual Teachers
  • Additional Topics
  • Custom Questions

Highest Value.

  • High-quality. Comprehensive survey questions and accurate, detailed reports.
  • Useful. Expect high utility and trustworthy advice.
  • Affordable. Our low pricing options are created to fit every kind of school and budget.  

Trusted Advisors. Experienced Educators.

As data and education experts, we will guide you to best leverage your investment of time, money, and brainspace.  Meet the full YouthTruth team.

Marny Sumrall

Executive Director

415-391-3070 ext. 102

Jen Vorse Wilka

Director of Partnerships

415-391-3070 ext. 109

Maria Ranallo

Program Coordinator

415-391-3070 ext. 105